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The Harbinger Media Network brings listeners important stories, holds the powerful accountable, and fights the dominant right-wing narratives prevalent in Canadian media. Can you help make Harbinger Media a permanent service, free to all?

About Harbinger Media

A community of progressive podcasts transmitting from the world to come

Harbinger features the kinds of interviews and perspectives you won’t hear anywhere else in mainstream Canadian media, presenting a dramatically different kind of discourse on society and politics, presented from an unapologetically progressive perspective.

In a podcast field dominated by extreme right-wing voices, Harbinger’s mission is to create a space to educate, disseminate and entertain, featuring the best analysis and interviews from dozens of shows across the country, including long-running favourites like The Alberta Advantage and Habibti Please and exciting new shows from Desmond Cole and Nora Loreto.   

We’re asking you to chip in to help us build the Harbinger community. Find out more about why we launched Canada’s favourite politically progressive podcast community below.

Who is behind Harbinger Media Network?

We’re a coast to coast nonprofit community of journalists, activists, academics and subversives, fighting to push progressive politics into the media mainstream.

What listeners are saying

The launch of the Harbinger Media Network as a truly progressive rebuttal to the growing network of right-wing platforms online couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

– Matthew Green, NDP Member of Parliament for Hamilton Centre

Watch out CBC! A new coast-to-coast network of irreverent, whip-smart podcasts is challenging the uncritical pablum of our public broadcaster and the delusional ravings of right-wing media, which have dominated Canadian airwaves for too long.

– Martin Lukacs, managing editor at The Breach

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